Covid-19 Holiday Protection Policy

How does this affect your booked holiday?

Please be aware that these options mentioned in the protection policy could change as the Nations crisis is evolving. Please also remember that on the Terms and Conditions agreed at the time of booking and emailed to you with all reservation information, we have advised you to buy Cancellation insurance. if this has been followed please contact your insurance company in the first instance.

What if we go on Full Lockdown for my booked dates?

In the Event of Full Lockdown meaning the Holiday Park & Caravans are not accessible, we can re-schedule your holiday to different dates or cancel and offer a refund, any refunds will be issued after your check-in date has lapsed, If the lockdown is lifted and the caravan park opens as usual your booking will remain and you can enjoy your family holiday.

Received a recent balance reminder or your balance is due?

Please send payment when the balance is due, this is essential to keep your booking active. Failure to pay by the second balance reminder email sent will force cancellation as per T&C's agreed at the time of booking.

My Local area has entered Tier 3, The Government Advise Essential travel only?

If your postcode enters Tier 3 and your restricted to Essential travel ONLY, we will be forced to cancel your Holiday, offering you alternative Holiday dates or refund. We cannot condone the possible spread of COVID-19 and put future guests at even greater risk.

What happens if the Holiday Park closes during my Holiday?

If the holiday Park closes during your stay we will refund for the missed days once you have departed from the holiday home, this does not include the day you leave.

We have 8 guests booked to stay in a single accommodation, what happens if we are restricted to 6 people?

If the 8 named guests are not directly linked to your Support bubble, 2 guests will need to be removed from the booking. We may be able to offer additional accommodation at a reduced cost so all parties can still enjoy a holiday, we do ask that Social distancing is maintained at all times.

What if the holiday park facilities are in a reduced offering by Haven for my booked stay?

As with private hire we do not offer Haven Park facilities, only accommodation for hire, we would not offer a refund but if requested in a timely manner we could offer a change of booked dates. Please note that leaving this request until your balance is due is not considered a timely manner.

What is a refund that is mentioned in the COVID policy?

A refund is based on all funds paid for the accommodation booking (excluding the none refundable £50 deposit). if you choose to move dates to the same or next holiday season then your deposit is moved to the new dates, so not to lose anything. If you choose to cancel and lose your £50 deposit, if you book again within the same season you will be offered discount to reclaim some or all of your lost £50 none refundable deposit.

Note* Anything not covered or mentioned in this policy is covered by the normal agreed T&Cs.